Furiosa looks up before she turns off-road



She never looks up when she’s thinking. When she’s telling Max about her past, she’s looking straight ahead, or to the side. When she’s telling Max about the salt she’s looking at the salt. When Max is telling her to go back to the Citadel she’s looking past him, and when she decides she looks up at him and clasps his hand.

So why does she look up before she turns?

What’s up there? 

Her War Boys.

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Tags: and yeah, furiosa, fury road, I've been paying attention the last few times I've watched, looking for what people have talked about with her reactions to the war boys in her team, prior to her defection and during the first battle, I think it's there, her concern, her quiet emotion at what she's doing to them, in another movie it would be invisible, which is why I think it's taken an effort and helpful guidance to see it, but in this movie, where every frame is pulling its weight, to have those lingering (ha! lingering! for an entire second and a half sometimes!), shots of her checking the rear view, and then showing us the mirror, with nothing much in it, at first I thought okay, she's looking for bad guys, and there aren't any, but she keeps looking, and (most important), the movie keeps showing her looking, so something is going on, what's she looking at?, a: her war boys.

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