flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy: Yo fandom, talk to me about Slit and Nux now. Not Sux, I mean, just…


Yo fandom, talk to me about Slit and Nux now. Not Sux, I mean, just what’s going on in the film. Because I can’t figure Slit out.

What are Slit’s priorities? What does he even care about?

-he takes Nux’s wheel. Dick move?

-did you even see the look on his face? He’s determined. He walks past Nux twice. DICK MOVE but perhaps also something more.

-ah, but I guess he thinks Nux is dead meat. Like he could sit there and pretend like he can do something but what’s the point? No feels among warboys.

-he looks pretty happy that Nux turns out to have fight left. He had to be convinced, but he gives up the wheel and now he’s pumped that they’re going together.

-Ergo, he cares more about his driver than about his ride.

Or maybe he would have preferred that all along because it works better that way. Is it that if the car hadn’t gone, Slit wouldn’t have had a vehicle to ride to battle at all? Probably not true since he was on the Interceptor soon after. But maybe that car’s lancer got killed so stroke of luck for Slit.

Who would have taken Nux’s car if neither Slit nor Nux had grabbed the wheel?


– “Mediocre, Morsov!” Can you be more of an asshole, Slit? Do you even believe in this cult or are you just out there to have fun? You did a pretty respectful V8 at the altar and at Joe just then, so maybe you’re just a dick to your fellow warboys because you need to feel superior. Like that’s your idea of a ‘joke’, maybe? Disrespecting a witnessing?

-Also what exactly is the idea with ‘Decapito’? What’s the point here, Slit? Destroying a perfectly good bloodbag?

Moving on:

-Slit is still alive after the storm, but Nux doesn’t even stop to say hi. Dick move?

– “I got his boot, take me!” No wonder he’s jealous now. But he sounds so pathetic. By now the film consistently tells us ‘dislike this guy, he is rude and annoying’.


-Slit on the Interceptor. “You filth, you traitored him”. Seems emotional enough for when you’ve just seen your war buddy defect.

-Except he doesn’t seem to be particularly hurt? This is not personal at all for Slit?


-He’s just trying to show off like some creep and he’s very happy to see Nux fail. 

-He is HAVING FUN. I know that’s the warboy style but we’ve been set up to see warboys as people and to notice a tight partnership between Slit and Nux, so where’s the resolution?

-So…religious fanaticism (traitors don’t deserve a second’s thought), drugs, or Slit u asshole?

-Someone pointed out that he doesn’t ask for a witness, doesn’t spray chrome, he just gets in between the two trucks. He tries to take out Max like THAT is personal. Coincidence? Misreading of Slit’s facial expression? Which is really not at all like what Morsov or Nux looked like when they were getting ready to die?

-Was that necessary, really? Was that a proper kamicrazy death or was that a waste of resources?

-Or a miscalculation?

-Slit u asshole? 

-Slit is this your way of being pissed off at Nux?

-Slit are you putting extra crazy in the kamicrazy?

-Actually I am starting to get huffy about this bit because it would have been much prettier for an arc if Nux had been climbing out of the engine just then. He emerges seconds later to give Max a boost.

(or possibly all of these are just editing choices that served the main storyline better but create unfortunate assumptions about how the boys behaved. For those inclined to give a damn. Ahem.)

Obligatory gif:


It boggles my mind that there is SO MUCH MOVIE that Slit (Slit!) has room to be this complex and interesting.

Please tell me what you think about the moment in the gif above.

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