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Favorite world-building elements: Language

I really appreciate the parts chosen here, not just the shiny and chrome and witness stuff. Also another thing that has stood out to me is the early use of synonyms when Nux asks a passing War Boy what’s going on and his response is “Treason! Betrayal! An Imperator gone rogue!” That sounds like a line from classic lit. Like Shakespeare. And it’s on the basis of that line and the call-and-response like in that first gif that makes me think the War Boys (and probably just people in the Mad Max universe in general) have a very strong oral tradition of story telling.

Makes sense, actually. The vast majority of the people we see are kept in extreme poverty, with the exception of few chosen ones. How do you keep so many people from rioting against the few who rule? You tell them stories. You create a greater reason to justify the need for things to go in a certain way. That’s what Immortan does: he weaves a story about him being a sort of god, with the Valhalla as reward for the (few) ones he has to keep in fairly good conditions to provide gas, weapons, and defence for the citadel. It figures that in a post apocalyptic world they would mostly be illiterate (I could be wrong, but I don’t remember seeing even one book), so of course the stories need to be handed down orally. 

Indigenous Australian people have the longest oral history in the world.

Also I almost bust a gut laughing in the cinema when Charlize Theron said “fang it” in her Hollywood American accent. Like, honey no. That phrase is the native tongue of 17-year-old semi-sober bush rats.

Thank you so much for adding to it, Cass!

I have no knowledge whatsoever about Indigenous Autralian culture, so I went by logic, but this adds another layer of importance to the matter. So, I guess Immortan uses an already existing tradition and twists it to his own advantage (maybe using the books in the vault as a reference?) to create a suitable reason for his dictatorship?

The more I read about this movie, the more layers I find out about it. 

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