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When the Valkyrie opens her eyes, there isn’t a part of her body that doesn’t ache or sting. She makes a grunt of pain and it’s the only sound for miles in the vast desert, the trucks all long gone, leaving her alone in that hot expanse. Trying to roll over, she realises that there’s a heavy weight on her back and she twists her head (yanking unhappy muscles) and finds that it’s the body of Tough Nut. Her aunt is cold-dead even under the heat of the sun and already Valkyrie can smell the turn of her body.

It takes longer than she wants to admit to get out from under Tough Nut, to push the older woman off and onto the sand, and the whole time the bloody blowflies are having a go at the dried blood on the back of Valkyrie’s neck, on her scalp, down her arms. She feels like they alone are enough to make her go crazy, but she also knows she’s trying not to think too much ahead; because she’s out in the middle of nowhere and the bike’s busted up and there’s nothing and no-one that Valkyrie can see when she looks around, just her and Tough Nut and Tough Nut isn’t going anywhere.

(Valkyrie is tender when she reaches out and closes her aunt’s eyes.)

Her leg is broken, of that Valkyrie is sure, but she’s also sure that she needs to get out of the sun, get to somewhere sheltered. (She needs to find water too, but that’s a task that feels impossible.) Dragging herself across the scalding hot sand is like hell, and by the time she reaches a rocky overhang her hands are blistered and raw and she’s been sobbing dry tears, swallowing against her swollen tongue.

It’s a day later when the car comes rumbling towards her. Valkyrie doesn’t have the strength to sit up further, but she has enough left to pull out her gun and aim it unsteadily. If she dies, she’s taking this mongrel out with her.

But it’s the man who followed Furiosa who climbs out of the car, the one who turned them around. It’s that man who presses a bottle of water to her cracked lips and says slow, slow as she splutters and chokes, throat so parched it’s like swallowing rocks. It’s that man who helps take her weight so she can drop into the passenger seat of the car.

She doesn’t ask where they’re going, but she thinks she knows, (hopes she knows). She closes her eyes and drifts off to the sound of the roaring engine, the rattle of steel, the thought of Furiosa.


Make me your +1! This is gorgeous, so is the artwork! I want all the “Valkyrie survives” fic. ALL OF IT!

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