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Yo, lies. I just did a tumblr advisory panel specifically about a horror movie ad. I hope they listened to me. 

Cool! Can you share any more details? I don’t actually know what a “tumblr advisory panel” even is. But if it means they are exposed to your views about horror movie ads, I’m for it.


Dang. I guess it must be randomised which ads they have you evaluate, because I got a pair of GAP ads. When I saw this post I logged into the email account I gave them, which I hardly ever remember to do, because I was hoping I could tell them how much I hate horror movie ads, but no dice. I hope that a vast, overwhelming majority of the panelists given the horror movie ads to assess made clear how unacceptable they were. 

Sorry this is days late.

I looks like they ate the link in my original post. Here it is. I don’t even remember how I joined – either they emailed me directly or it was a link from the staff tumblr? Regardless I always take the opportunity to tell the powers that be what my feelings are, hoping I can skew the results.

Anyway, re: the horror movie. I rated all the options low and then when was given a blank text box tried to explain the issue was not with the specific ads (which were actually rather arty and not explicit) but the horror ads in general and the violation of terms and lack of blocking and whathave you. It was days ago. So. Who knows if they’ll listen, but theoretically I figure that’s the best avenue to air grievances hoping they’ll listen. 

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