I was looking at the behind the scenes and noticed that Nux comes up to Capable and puts his hand on her shoulder consolingly. I would have loved for that scene to have been left in if only to further solidify their bond. Oh well haha. Regarding his death, do you think he dies for Capable and the group or did he still believe in Valhalla, since he mouthed to her ‘witness me’. Unless it was the only way he knew on how to acknowledge his death. Thoughts?

Was the behind the scenes you watched the B-Roll? Or are you thinking about the scene that only appears in the trailers where Capable has her arms wrapped around Nux? Because yes, that scene was really cute and should have been kept in. I really am hoping for some sort of deleted scenes, or extended edition to be released because this movie had so many things going on that could have been added. Like the torture and death of Miss Giddy, I only learned about it from the art book so there is many scenes cut out from the theatrical movie.

Personally I believe he died for Capable and the group. But I also feel he was really reluctant to die in the end? The end scenes with Capable and Nux before she left the rig where mostly non-verbal after he tells her he will follow after her, so I’m just interpreting how I saw it.

After telling her to cross over Capable looks at Nux like she is reluctant to leave him and shows disbelief what he just told her. Nux responds with a stubborn but firm glare like he wants her to go for her safety. Before Capable moves to the Gigahorse, they share one last reassuring glance at each other. As if Nux was telling her it was going to be all right. But then when Rictus appears, all reassuring looks are gone, and Nux’s eyes are full of fear. He does not want Rictus to reach them, and when the engine is ripped out Nux’s eyes are full of a hesitant resignation of his fate. He realizes that even if Immortan Joe is dead others will still follow after them. So in order to protect Capable, and for the women to go forward, he has to crash the rig and stop the perusing war party. When Nux says to Capable ‘Witness me’, the most important part of it is that he whispers it. He doesn’t shout it in glory like the other War Boys, he says it in an almost reluctantly in a way like saying ‘remember me’. And that is what the Witness culture really is at its core, and it’s the only way Nux knows how to die. He points to her like he is saying, remember me Capable.

To which Capable responds with the Vuvalini gesture of remembrance, and ultimately does remember him. In the Vertigo comic, it is based after the movie, where a history man is shown telling the story of Nux as the tale of a courageous man. This means that Capable remembers him and instructed the History man to tell his story. In the end Nux gains the immortality he so craved by living on in the memories of the children being told his story.

And I just made myself emotional writing all this. I am sorry if this is not what you asked for.

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