Furiosa is more badass than even we realise


Major spoilers below.

So I’ve seen Fury Road like three times now and I had some time to think.
Furiosa is a lot more badass than even we seem to realize. I’m not even talking about all the ass we see her kick during the movie. I’m talking about all the ass she must have kicked before the movie.

So Imorten Joe has built this whole hypermasculine suicide death cult of Warboys who are all male to a T. He keeps a harem of “breeders” and has other lactating women working as milk factories. Clearly not someone who thinks women have any place near combat.

But Furiosa is one of his Imperators. It’s never explicitly stated, but there’s no way Imperator is not a military title, probably like a general or some such. I mean, it comes from the old word for Emperor.

Given the whole Warboy culture, it makes sense that the Imperators must be the best fighters of the lot, and of the bunch, Furiosa must be the very best. She would have to be, to have the title both as a woman and missing an arm.

I can’t get over this. Furiosa kicks so much ass, the super sexist Tyrant respects and fears her enough to put her in charge of the army over all his other soldiers.

And clearly the Warboys feel the same. When Furiosa first goes off road, one of them asks if there’s been a change of plans. When she says “heading east” the guy doesn’t even blink, he just passes the info down the line. The Warboys are clearly used to taking orders from Furiosa and respect her enough that they don’t question her.

When the Warboys back at the Citadel are gearing up and Nux asks what happened, one of the Warboys tells him Furiosa has gone rogue. You can tell from the way he says her name and the look on both their faces that this freaks them out.

I can almost hear Nux thinking “oh god, why her?”

And Imorten doesn’t just go after her himself, he calls EVERY LAST WARBOY HE HAS, not to mention everyone from Gas Town and the Bullet Farm, which is why the Citadel is undefended and our heroes can do their crazy plan.

Because Imorten literally sent every soldier he had to take down this one woman.

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