The (Arm)y of the Furiosa !


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Hello Laura!
My name is Matt Boug, I worked on the latest Mad Max Fury Road film in the costume/props department..

My main job on the film was to design and build Charlize Theron’s (Furiosa’s) Mechanical & prosthetic arm.
I read your blog review of the film the other day and was completely blown away with how you reacted to the film.

I was worried how people would react. Particularly anyone who was an actual amputee.
I hoped when I was designing and building her arm that my personal sensitivity’s to (dis)ability, feminism and empowerment would come through in the design. But also for her prosthetic arm to be “relatively” believable within the context of the film. Particularly by someone like yourself.

I wanted her arm to fit into the violent Mad Max world but to also be symbolic of her caring/protective nature and of the violence that {she} womenkind has endured throughout the ages.

I was very tears.  when I read your blog which mirrored my own feelings and opinions about this character. I felt compelled to write to you and thank you :)

The apocalypse isn’t looking as scary if the Furiosa is going to be around.

Kind Regards,

Matt Boug


Oh my gosh. O_____O

I’m so flattered that I’m even in this guy’s radar right now. Matt, thank you so much for your amazing work on the film and for your part in helping to create one of my new favorite characters of all time! <3333

Hahahhah PS love the (arm)y pun xD

Much love,


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