I was wondering about Furiosa’s prosthetic btw. How does it work, if you have some idea? Are you planning on building one, and, if so, are you going to try to make it functional?

My friends at Freeside Atlanta are actually helping me build it! I definitely want it to be as functional as possible.

Okay I’m gonna side track for a second from your actual question because here’s the thing – Furiosa’s prosthetic is actually super realistic, believable, and functional. 

This is what prostheses of the 1980′s looked like when I had one (and sadly about what most of them still look like today):


I used prosthetics up until about the age of 8, when I decided I didn’t need one and was never going to get much real benefit from one. They were HELLA expensive (a growing child needs a new one just about every year) and not fully covered by insurance, so once I was old enough to decide for myself whether I wanted one or not, I stopped getting them.

Anyway the point is, these pictures depict what most of my arm prosthetics looked like as a child. Later on, I had battery operated ones that looked like this:


Those were even more expensive and the batteries had to be recharged every 8 hours or so, lol, LAME! 

But anyway, yes her arm is totally capable of functioning I think! The series of pistons would provide the power to lift the forearm – she has a good chunk of her arm after the elbow so she could flex with that to provide the power to open and close the hand part. 

I don’t think her arm is supposed to have electric power in the canon of film – but I’m considering incorporating battery power with pressure sensors inside to open and close the hand. That’s how my battery powered prosthesis worked and it’s pretty effective. I just always like props to have moving parts when they can.

We’ll be debuting it at DragonCon this year. :)

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