Practice Race in Auckland: Team SCA from above. Photo by Ainhoa…

Practice Race in Auckland: Team SCA from above. Photo by Ainhoa Sanchez / Volvo Ocean Race

It’s fun for me at this point, now that I recognize most of them, to zoom in on a photo like this and imagine what’s going on.

There’s that tight group of Stacey, Abby, Dee, and Liz on the rail, having one of those fun conversations you get to have when you’re mostly there for weight, at least for the moment.

And then I think that’s Sam trimming the main and pointing to leeward, with Sally talking tactics with her. And Carolijn on the helm with that head tilt she does.

I think maybe that’s Annie sitting aft of the group on the rail, facing back toward the cockpit, and then maybe Elodie in the gray shirt sitting on the high side of the cockpit? Though the name on the shirt seems too short, so I’m not sure. And there are a bunch of passengers, including what look like one or two dudes toward the stern, one hiking out and one holding what I suspect is a big camera. Y chromosome represent!

But my favorite thing is seeing you-know-who back on the handles. :-)

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