In the end there were no passes in the final stretch into…

In the end there were no passes in the final stretch into Auckland, so it was MAPFRE, ADOR, and Dongfeng, all finishing within a few minutes of each other. Following them at slightly longer intervals were Alvimedica, Brunel, and SCA.

The finish happened sooner than the VOR people expected, with the live video starting at midnight in California, so I got to see it after all. The video was pretty ho-hum (since it was nighttime), and now has the same YouTube encoding problem that happened after the previous two leg finishes, so if you didn’t see it live you’ll have to wait to see if the VOR media team posts a fixed version. (Or you can watch highlights accompanied by annoying music.)

Overall standings going into Leg 5 (with ties broken by the in-port race results) are:

  1. ADOR (8 points)
  2. Dongfeng (8 points)
  3. Brunel (14 points)
  4. MAPFRE (16 points)
  5. Alvimedica (16 points)
  6. SCA (24 points)
  7. Vestas Wind (28 points)

The Auckland in-port race is March 14, and leg 5 (to Itajaí, Brazil, by way of the Southern Ocean and Cape Horn) starts the following day.

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