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Yeah, yeah I’m behind the times, so pardon me while I flail because I love love LOVE this video. yulinkuang​ why do you keep doing this to us??!!!

I was trying to deconstruct my love of it for lies​, and I pretty much decided I love everything about it. There’s something touching about the idea of sending a best friend request into the ether, but it’s also poignant because Cecilia’s last best friend was imaginary, and she was the one that did the leaving. And yet Cecilia is so earnest and hopeful! (And lovely.) And then there’s the style: the 50s & 60s vibe that evokes nostalgia, but doesn’t feel dated. I think it’s partly because the colors are so saturated and sharp. (The white background definitely helps them pop!) This story is happening in its own space – namely, Cecilia’s mind – and it’s bright and youthful and sweet. And it’s not just the clothing and props that pop and create this atmosphere; details down to nail polish and lipstick are just as bright, retaining these hopeful/nostalgic/etc. feelings even during closeups. Basically it’s 1 minute and 41 seconds of nonstop delight. (Cecilia, I will be your best friend!)

I am 100% down with this analysis. And really, how cool is it that it isn’t just a fashion video. It’s thoughtful. It has layers. It has characters. It has story.

It has so much!

Also, it’s infinitely gif-able. I thought I Ship It was rich with gif possibilities, but I think Cecilia is my current favorite-thing-ever for maximum gif density. :-)

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