Closer…It’s Saturday morning off the northeast coast…


It’s Saturday morning off the northeast coast of New Zealand, and as the fleet pushes into lighter wind Mapfre has been able to squeeze out a narrow lead over ADOR. But Dongfeng is right there, and drifting conditions are the sort they’ve done well in throughout the race.

I honestly don’t know which of the three to bet on. I can construct a plausible narrative for each of them winning. Maybe ADOR, since their narrative is the least dramatic, and the universe has a known bias against drama.

Alvimedica has closed right up, only 11 miles behind Dongfeng in the 1540 UTC update. So I think they have an outside chance to slip into the top three if the wind helps them out a bit.

Farther back, SCA is within 10 miles of Brunel, meaning they, too, have a chance to make a pass in the light stuff. It’s a three-ring kiwi circus! :-)

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