@badbadberto/Volvo Ocean Race on Twitter

@badbadberto/Volvo Ocean Race on Twitter:

A list that collects all the twitter accounts of the various teams. Stuff is happening!

Current ETA for the lead boat (Mapfre at the moment, but it’s super tight between them, ADOR, and Dongfeng) is 1300 UTC, which is 2 a.m. Sunday in Auckland, 5 a.m. in California. So I won’t be staying up for it, but you can bet I’ll be out of bed bright and early. :-)

The tracker in the official app is giving live updates (finally), and there’s a Live Arrivals video running in YouTube. (Currently it just shows a countdown set to go boom at 0800 UTC, so expect it to be empty for several hours after that. And a nighttime arrival doesn’t bode well for interesting video. But a guy can dream.)

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