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Parks & Rec Adventure

The story of this post is…it’s a post about Parks & Rec!

seanpersaud and I are in denial about Parks & Rec ending (TOMORROW—say it ain’t so!). So we decided to pay a visit to some of our favorite places in Pawnee and commemorate how much they’ve meant to us through pictures.

See above:

JJ’s Diner (photos 1 & 2)

Pawnee City Hall (3 & 4)

The Pit, which is now being built upon and we are pretty sad about it (5)

Ann’s House (6 & 7)

The Smallest Park in Pawnee (8)

and April & Andy’s House (9 & 10)

Parks & Rec, we love you. You’ve meant the world to us, and to so many other people. We hate to see you go—so in the meantime, we’ll just be crying over these waffles. *sob*

(Thank you Christopher Higgins for taking the pics!)

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