anonsally replied to your photoset:Photo finish Each of ADOR, Mapfre, and…

anonsally replied to your photoset:

Photo finish Each of ADOR, Mapfre, and Dongfeng…

approximately when will it be over?

Assuming you’re talking about this leg, I did some rough figuring:

  • As of 1540 UTC today (Thursday), the leaders are about 360 nautical miles from the finish.
  • If they average 10 knots, that would put them in Auckland at 0340 UTC Saturday. In terms of local time, that would be 7:40 p.m. tomorrow (Friday) in California, or 3:40 p.m. Saturday in Auckland.

That estimate could be wrong in either direction; it depends on the wind. But within a few hours of that, hopefully?

The spectator fleet is going to be amazing. Auckland is called the “City of Sails” because the sport is so popular there, and a close finish on a Saturday afternoon with nice weather should maximize turnout.

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