I wasn’t complaining. I kind of like seeing the little colored boats zooming around cutting each other off. I don’t actually follow it, but there’s something pleasant about the graphics. I was just surprised the race was still happening. I didn’t know they were this long.

Ah, whew. Thanks for letting me know.

Yeah, it’s a long race. Pretty much the longest in the history of racing, I guess. Though there also are singlehanded versions like the Vendée Globe, where a solo sailor does it, and does it nonstop, which I suppose is arguably “longer”, for some definitions.

Interestingly (at least for me, given my current obsession with the performance of SCA), women have a history of doing quite well in the Vendée Globe. Ellen MacArthur came in second in the 2000-2001 race (to Michel Desjoyeaux, who sailed in this Volvo on MAPFRE on leg 1 before leaving the team). And then Sam Davies and Dee Caffari, both currently on SCA, came in fourth and sixth respectively (out of 30 entrants) in the 2008-2009 race, which also was won by Desjoyeaux.

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