bourbakiaxiom: Gum Under Mist, (1917) by Hans Heysen…


Gum Under Mist, (1917) by Hans Heysen (1877-1968)

We tried to visit this artist’s property, The Cedars, near Hahndorf. We got to Hahndorf, but unfortunately the property it was closed due to today’s “Catastrophic” official fire warning level (due to a windy 42C). We’ll try another day, and enjoyed Hahndorf at least. It is scandalous we’ve not been to the Cedars before though, given how close it is to where we live.

So, instead of photos, here is one of his paintings. (He is also the artist behind my most-notes post.) I find it interesting to see this misty. foggy view – it does not fit our main Australian landscape tradition, which usually tries to capture our intense daylight.

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