Hey Yulin! Can you share anything about what you’re working on? Even if it’s just evil trolling? Thanks!

Hello lies! I’m juggling a couple of projects at the moment which appears to be my perpetual state of existence, some of which I can’t talk about quite yet because I am superstitious and I shy away from publicly talking about projects until I know they are happening with near 100% certainty and others of which I can’t talk about yet because well, it would spoil the surprise.

That leaves one project I can talk about. It’s going to be snowy, weather permitting, and it should be up at shipwreckedcomedy before the year is out! (There’s also another Shipwrecked video that should be out even before this project, but that one falls under the category of things I cannot talk about.)

I wish I could give more satisfactory answers, but I promise I will be trolling in full force as soon as I know it’s possible!

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