Source. Back on the evening of October 14, when the fleet was…


Back on the evening of October 14, when the fleet was still tightly packed along the coast of Morocco, SCA crossed just ahead of Mapfre. I believe it probably was Mapfre’s OBR, Francisco Vignale of Argentina, who made the suggestion about dining with them to Michel Desjoyeaux on the helm. Michel then called out to the women’s team. I’m not sure what he said at the end, but “Don’t desert us” is my best guess after listening to the audio a few times.

Michel is a sailing superstar in his native France, having won the Vendée Globe singlehanded round-the-world race twice. His presence aboard Mapfre is one of the reasons expectations for the team were high going into Leg 1.

Kind of poignant that the two boats would be so close together again at the end. I assume they’ll all have other plans for dinner Friday, but it would be kind of cool if they did get a chance to sit down together before the Leg 2 start, and if this cross came up in conversation.

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