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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Characters + Number of episodes they appear in.

Heh. Who would ever bother to amass so much data?

I’ve made the point before, but this is why I think Ashley doesn’t get enough credit.

All of it. All of the credit.

Okay. Not all. But a lot. And more than she gets.

what 4 episodes was she not in?

also I’d love to see these including the other 60 videos!

According to a spreadsheet made by some obsessive fan, the four episodes in the main LizzieBennet channel that did not feature Ashley were:

  • Lizzie Bennet is in Denial (ep. 15, 2012-05-28), with Charlotte and Jane, including Laura Spencer’s Jane!Darcy saying, “It’s super important.”
  •  Enjoy the Adorbs (ep. 20, 2012-06-14), with Lydia and Jane, including these Lydia lines: “My name is Lydia Bennet and this is my HAUL!”, “Talk about your truth universally acknowledged! Am I right?”, and “drunken hookup marriage eff tee DUBS!” I wonder what that Mary Kate Wiles is doing these days. She had real talent.
  • Your Pitch Needs Work (ep. 41, 2012-08-27), in which Maxwell Glick’s Ricky Collins makes a job offer to Julia Cho’s Charlotte. She’d never take it, of course. I mean, he’s ridiculous!
  • Summer Friends (ep. 69, 2012-12-03), with Lydia and Jane, including Jane!Lydia costume theater. Fun fact: This was the only time anyone not-Lydia played Lydia during costume theater. (The Lydia!Lydia happened in the above-mentioned “Enjoy the Adorbs”.)

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