The thing that always gets me about this scene is that…

The thing that always gets me about this scene is that she’s talking to her father. And when she delivers that line in the last gif, it’s got to hurt. The way she says it is right on the edge of acknowledging that that’s what she means — or maybe not. Maybe she’s just really caught up in the new experience of her love for Darcy, and doesn’t realize that for him to be the best man she’s ever known, she’s explicitly relegating her father to second place.

But she has to know. It’s there. And it’s not vindictive, despite the craziness the family has been through, the stress that resulted directly from her father disregarding her advice about letting Lydia travel to Brighton. Austen is pretty clear, I think, that the near-ruination of Lizzie and Jane’s lives is her dad’s fault, that his letting Lydia basically run wild is what turned her into the unrepentant flirt whose indiscretion almost brought down the family — that would have brought down the family but for Darcy.

Jennifer Ehle plays the scene beautifully, and Benjamin Whitrow’s response is just as perfect. Younger LBD fans who know the 2005 adaptation better could do worse than to give this one a (re)watch. Because it’s so good, and Jennifer Ehle’s acting in these gifs is a great example of why.

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