Trees at Figueroa Mountain Last Sunday we took a drive into the…

Trees at Figueroa Mountain

Last Sunday we took a drive into the Santa Barbara backcountry. We were officially looking for flowers, and there were plenty of those, if not the riotous profusion we saw in 2009. But I had fun taking pictures of trees. I didn’t bother with identifying them to species, but the photos show:

  • A beautiful oak in a meadow on the southwest side of the mountain.
  • A couple of shots of a standing dead pine that has been turned into a granary (acorn-ary?) by Acorn Woodpeckers. The tree also has some interesting fungus growing in it, with fruiting bodies protruding from the bark.
  • The view looking west from near the top of the mountain. The Guadalupe Dunes with the Pacific Ocean beyond were out there in the distance, I think.
  • A really big pine cone full of resin. I assumed it was on a Jeffrey Pine, but researching now I wonder if it could have been a Coulter Pine, which have bigger cones.
  • Another view, looking up into the crown of the same dead pine that had the Acorn Woodpecker holes and fungus.
  • Another view from near the top of the mountain, this time looking south.

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