giddinesswithabandon replied to your post “I interrupt this Tumblr session to report…” yes….

giddinesswithabandon replied to your post “I interrupt this Tumblr session to report…”

yes. It’s still a good line though. Just like when we quote LBD lines that weren’t written by Jane Austen…because they mean something to us. But I hear ya.

This is a good point (despite my regular, repeated whining). Rewatching with the director’s/writers’ commentary reminded me of some things. At one point in the commentary Peter Jackson pointed out that due to the logistics of creating the three films, The Two Towers ended up getting less time and attention than the others, and one of the results of that was that they ended up shooting a comparatively early version of the script. PJ said if they’d had the time, they would have much preferred to have revised the script two or three times more. Fran Walsh mentioned that explicitly in connection with the changes to Faramir, that they might have had time to explore other approaches to his character.

But as a result of having already shot so much footage, they were locked into a number of early choices, and could only try to fix the parts that weren’t working as well, adjusting things around the edges. That speech they gave Sam at the end was part of that process. And it is a good speech, and there are aspects of it (like the shot of Gollum’s reaction) that are very effective.

So yeah, it’s not something Tolkien said, and might not even be something he would have agreed with. But the movies were the movies and the books were the books, and I love them both the way one can love two children, or two episodes of KiTR, and have each of them be the favorite. Love is magic that way.

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