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She totally is more beautiful in this one. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.

I know, right?

I noticed that myself. I’m not sure how, but they managed to make MK look noticeably prettier.

I want to say I see you saying these things and I thank you for them and I am also confused because I honest to God feel like I look like a total idiot in today’s episode??

it was the lighting

Haha MK you are always gorgeous and Julika always does a phenomenal job with hair/makeup and I love all the costumes so with all those variables accounted for, I would say it’s a credit split between shooting it at magic hour and the color work done in post. Terrence Malick has a thing about obsessively shooting at magic hour because of that warm golden glow it casts over everything, and I think onthewallnow picked up a nice light that hit your face/eyes in the right moment and then managed to make it even more golden and pretty in post. 

Or you know, MK’s face is just magic. Whatever explanation works for you.

The point about Malick reminds me of John Singer Sargent taking more than a year to paint Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, because he only painted for a few minutes each evening when the light was just right.

Thank god for obsessed artists. They take the process of creation to ridiculous lengths, lengths that would never be justified rationally. And in their irrationality, they occasionally produce something so beautiful that it can jostle us rational types out of our ruts, stop the flow of time, and make us see.

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