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Yeah that’s where I am mostly lately as well. Easier for me though sad that Sally’s not in on it. :(

Yeah I see aeternamente more there too these days. And rosieramblings and thedovenest and genderific and thelorelaisquared and yeah basically most people. 

Hey anonsally, have you considered getting twitter so you can talk to us? Please? 

I’ve definitely missed leslielikesthings here on Tumblr, and I’m sad if you’re all migrating over there… However, there are a couple obstacles to me getting Twitter: 

  1. I originally got into Tumblr because I liked the longer analytical and meta posts… which Twitter is the wrong platform for… and those are still my favorite thing about it.
  2. I don’t have a smartphone (yet. I assume it will eventually be inevitable).

That said, knowing you Spinstrs are all there is certainly an incentive.

I keep making tweets that mention giraffes in the hope it will conjure up anonsally via some sort of social media sympathetic magic. No luck so far, but I remain hopeful.

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