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OMG how am I only now finding out that Lily has a new film!!! I don’t even care what it is, I’m so excited to see her face again. It looks like some sort of Edgar Allan Poe Biopic? IDK. And she’s acting opposite JAMES PORTER! (CAN HIS FACE JUST STOP ALREADY?!?) Is it too much to hope for another swoony kiss and face smooshing again? Preferably in the rain. Preferably with James shirtless.

Probably. But that won’t stop me from hoping. 

I know we’re not supposed to ship real people, but this makes, what, foiur times they’ve played romantic leads? FOUR TIMES. There’s got to be something there, you know? (Hint: It’s red hot chemistry).

They’ve got  to be dating! They’ve just GOT TO BE. The world just wouldn’t be that cruel. And they’re so adorable together on screen I just can’t believe that it wouldn’t just carry over into real life.

Ugh when can I pre-order my tickets already! 

*brb going to watch THAT SCENE from Anne of Green Gables five hundred times*

Hahahahaha. Bless this fandom and their meta-shipping. 


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