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John Singer Sargent

Portrait of Lady Michaelis


Some googling turned up the following:

  • The date provided by masterpiecedaily is incorrect; although some online sources date the sketch “before 1925”, that’s just because 1925 is the year Sargent died (on April 14, of congestive heart disease, in England). In fact, this sketch (and its companion sketch of Lady Michaelis’ husband, South African financier, mining magnate, and art patron Sir Maximillian Michaelis), were both done in 1914, the date Sargent put next to his signature.
  • The subject’s full name, according to, was Lady Lilian Elizabeth Michaelis.
  • As of the date of that record, the sketch had never been sold, and was owned by Lady Michaelis’ son, Cecil Michaelis.
  • The scan above isn’t doing a very good job of rendering the grays of Sargent’s charcoal sketch; a better scan from is below.

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