Location, Location, Location: The World of Pemberley Digital

Location, Location, Location: The World of Pemberley Digital:




I can’t be the only one in the fandom who still wonders where the heck everything is set in LBD and EA. Aside from locations such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the general area of Southern California, we don’t really know where everything is….

I also imagined the Bennets living in SLO or the surrounding wine country. It just seemed a more likely spot for a wealthy family to buy a little getaway house than Fresno. (Sorry, Fresno, no offense.)

Having lived in Goleta for a few years, I don’t think it has suburbs. It’s like: beach, university, bar, noisy apartment building, Habit Burger, lemon trees. That’s literally it. (Sorry Goleta, no offense.)

I spent some time obsessing over this back when the episodes were airing, and eventually came to the same conclusion: San Luis Obispo is the best match for Longbourn’s location. PD has said it’s supposed to be California between LA and SF, there’s a university for Lizzie to attend, nearby suburbia to match the neighborhood of cousin Mary seen in The Lydia Bennet episodes, and an opportunity for the Bennet parents to be away for the night in episode 44, having gone to “dinner on the coast, at that hotel.” There’s also some upscale vineyard/horsey country to lure the Lee and Darcy types.

There are some problems with SLO, and some of those problems can be solved by placing the story closer to Santa Barbara, but that raises other issues. When you get down to it, I think the show’s creators made a conscious decision to keep it ambiguous, since making it more specific would have been more work in terms of writing, production design, or both. I kind of wish they’d gone the extra mile and created a more-believable specific setting for the show, but that wasn’t the kind of show they chose to make.

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