What is the best way to learn how to run a writer’s room for television or webseries, aside from actually doing it, and how do you do it for your shows? I’m especially interested to know how the showrunner works with the Transmedia writing team. Is that a separate room?

Well I’m probably not person you should ask about how to run a writers room in television because I’ve never been in an actual television writers room. But I do know that every room is run differently. 

The LBD and Emma Approved “rooms” are run pretty differently. Part of it was experience, and the rest was based on the structural make up of the shows. To get an insight on the LBD room, this podcast we did for Nerdist is probably the most comprehensive.

As for the synergy between the writer’s room and the transmedia team, for LBD the writer’s room went first. Block out the episodes, figure out what’s happening for the next few months, get that locked down, and assign the episodes out. Once that’s done the transmedia team would then work around what’s there. 

The evolution to present day Emma Approved is that the writing team is actually smaller while the interactive team has grown and is now larger. There is more going on in EA non-video wise on a week by week basis so we’ve grown the team. But since our very rough start of the show interactive wise, I feel there is a lot more synergy because it really is just one big room now. So even though we still block out the episodes by month

Basically, we don’t have writer meetings with transmedia support scrambled together later, we now just have story meetings where we cover everything. So if you get anything from my answer, it’s that. Think of it all as part of the story.

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