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Look what we did in my English class today.

We watched A Tell Tale Vlog for our Edgar Allen Poe unit!!

WAIT WHAT THIS IS AMAZING. I recognize those giant hardcover anthology books! And those desks! And those teachers’ catalogue-ordered posters on the walls! And and and also, idk, MAYBE THE THING THAT IS BEING PROJECTED ONTO THAT CENTER WHITEBOARD HEY WHAT.

MY HEART IS VERY FULL RIGHT NOW YOU GUYS I CAN’T REALLY EXPLAIN IT. But seriously. When I was in high school, I worked at the local library and I would spend my afternoons shelving returned library books and when I got to the classics section, I’d always be like, “Ha, I know this is because someone had to write a paper on this for class,” and then I’d be like, “What are the odds that I’ll ever write anything someone talks about in a class, probably zero. But whatever, I’m happy writing my Lily/James Harry Potter fanfiction tralalala” and and and – GOD I JUST WISH TIME TRAVEL EXISTED SO I COULD SHOW THIS TO PAST YULIN, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AND SHE IS PROBABLY THE ONLY OTHER PERSON WHO WOULD APPRECIATE IT AS MUCH AS ME.

… ahem. By which I mean, this is the coolest thing, your teacher is the raddest, and uh hey, what’s next on your syllabus, maybe I can tailor the rest of our upcoming projects to it so this can happen again and I love you guys very much.

Heh. It got better.

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