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Look what we did in my English class today.

We watched A Tell Tale Vlog for our Edgar Allen Poe unit!!

WAIT WHAT THIS IS AMAZING. I recognize those giant hardcover anthology books! And those desks! And those teachers’ catalogue-ordered posters on the walls! And and and also, idk, MAYBE THE THING THAT IS BEING PROJECTED ONTO THAT CENTER WHITEBOARD HEY WHAT.

MY HEART IS VERY FULL RIGHT NOW YOU GUYS I CAN’T REALLY EXPLAIN IT. But seriously. When I was in high school, I worked at the local library and I would spend my afternoons shelving returned library books and when I got to the classics section, I’d always be like, “Ha, I know this is because someone had to write a paper on this for class,” and then I’d be like, “What are the odds that I’ll ever write anything someone talks about in a class, probably zero. But whatever, I’m happy writing my Lily/James Harry Potter fanfiction tralalala” and and and – GOD I JUST WISH TIME TRAVEL EXISTED SO I COULD SHOW THIS TO PAST YULIN, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AND SHE IS PROBABLY THE ONLY OTHER PERSON WHO WOULD APPRECIATE IT AS MUCH AS ME.

… ahem. By which I mean, this is the coolest thing, your teacher is the raddest, and uh hey, what’s next on your syllabus, maybe I can tailor the rest of our upcoming projects to it so this can happen again and I love you guys very much.

As Shipwrecked’s director yulinkuang has said less coherently, this is pretty much the awesomest thing. If you’re ever screening one of our projects in your class, please find a way to document it for us and let us know, because we will pretty much flip out with the excite.

In my excitement I forgot to ask,


, which episode did you guys watch? Was this before or after you guys did the readings? What did the teacher say about it? What did the students say about it? Did anyone fall asleep? If they did, I HOPE THEY FAIL THEIR SATS. Just kidding, you don’t actually have to answer any of these questions. I am just a weirdo who obsessively collects any and all audience reactions to my work, positive and negative, which sometimes backfires horribly but I just can’t seem to stop myself. Also I’ve never been around a live screening of ATTV to an audience of strangers, so I am kinda fascinated.

I don’t mind answering your questions. I love creators who interact with their fans, because when they recognize that I exist I flail for a few minutes and feel like a ‘cool person’  First we watched Edgar’s Draw My Life for a biography/background of his life information. That day we watched episodes 1 and 2, and I think really really hope we watch the rest of them. As far as reaction goes, everyone loved it they laughed at all the jokes, YAY

This is all part of my continuing quest to have my fandoms represented in school.

Pester the teacher mercilessly. Plead. Cajole. Offer to, I don’t know, turn in your homework on time if you get to watch the rest.

Report back with the results.


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