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The Lizzie Bennet Episode 87 – An Understanding

So, this came out a year ago today. 

That morning, Rachel and Ashley and I all went and got brunch together. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep much the night before. We put our phones in the middle of the table and we all just kind of sat there, nervously, impatiently, twitching. 

It was a weird thing, that whole experience, in the way of being able to immediately see so many responses to our work. It was certainly new to me (and to all of us) and I don’t think I’ll likely be in something that works that way again soon. It was incredibly exciting and also nerve-wracking, and quite frankly, terrifying. 

But I learned so much from it. I learned to not count on applause and admiration and to not let those things determine my own definitions of my work. I learned to be proud of the work I did and the story I was telling, even if it didn’t please everybody, and that being able to tell a story that meant something to some people, even one person, was worth more to me (and continues to be) than money, or fame, or awards, or whatever. 

I hope this episode meant something to you. I hope Lydia’s story meant something to you. At the end of the day, i am very lucky to have been able to tell it and it became more than I ever realized or imagined, and I wouldn’t trade that for being the lead on a tv show or a more illustrious career or any of those things. This episode, and this story, was important to me, and challenging, and demanded my whole, and I am lucky that I’ve had a chance to do that kind of work. It is still more a part of my life now, a year later, than I ever imagined. And I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m quite proud of that. 

I’m very thankful to have been able to go on this journey with the people that I did, with Rachel, and Ashley, and the others, and I’m very thankful for those of you who went on it with us. I’m not very good at imagining lives for my characters outside of the context of the story, but I can imagine that where ever Lydia is, she’s probably somewhat like me, in that she’s not exactly where she wants to be, but she’s getting there, and she’s learning to love herself and those around her more every day, and growing in confidence, and courageousness, and kindness, and love. She’s living. She’s alive in our thoughts and our hearts and our minds, and even without her this past year, she is still very close to me. 

I love her, and I love her story, and I love you. 

What MK said. Minus the part about loving you, because lbr I don’t know you. Wait, and the part about a TV job. I’d probably go for the TV job. I like being able to pay for stuff. But the rest of it is fine.

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