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best socially awkward guy (with tweets) · LBDCareCenter:




This is awesome. Poe wins by a landslide.

The best part of this is the tweets from Shipwrecked!Poe.

Thanks to thelbdcarecenter for voting Socially Awkward Poe the Best Socially Awkward Guy! We passed the news on to Edgar and he muttered, “Oh, well that seems… appropriate.” Then he shut the doors and drew the blinds, we assume because he was so overcome with emotion.

Hope everyone’s excited for the start of Kissing in the Rain and our Tumblr transmedia experiment on March 10th! In the meantime, give A Tell Tale Vlog a rewatch!

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ATTV really does hold up well to rewatching. And it’s so short that you can get the whole thing in in a single sitting. I love seeing my favorite moments roll around. Like pretty much all of episode 6.

It’s not you. It’s just that I hate being near you, and everything about you, and the things that you do.

I am haunted by many women. Many women…

So good.

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