Lovelock: ‘Enjoy life while you can’

Lovelock: ‘Enjoy life while you can’:

James Lovelock is not a prophet, at least not to me, at least not in the sense some people use the word, because I don’t believe that sort of prophesying actually is a thing that exists in the world. But he is smart, and attentive, and has a demonstrated ability to set aside convention and expectation and see big, unacknowledged truths. So maybe that means he is a prophet, of sorts.

And I don’t usually link to or even read The Guardian, because along with a lot of good information they also publish a noticeable amount of stuff that while ideologically congenial is also untrue, and I have a low threshold for that, because once I’ve caught you lying to me in the name of your cause, even a cause I support, how can I trust anything else you say?

So: he’s not a prophet, and it’s in The Guardian. But that aside, I think this piece is worth reading.

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