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30 days of disney; day 20 — an underrated movie: the rescuers down under

this movie is CRIMINALLY overlooked. it’s AMAZING. it came out right between the little mermaid and beauty and the beast, so right at the beginning of the disney renaissance, and it shows. the animation is glorious (glen keane in one of his oft-forgotten roles as head animator for marahute), the story is gripping and exciting, the characters are wonderful and the music is absolutely breathtaking. if you haven’t seen it in a while, you MUST. it’s one of my top favorite animated movies of all time. 

Yes. This. It’s amazing, and just. I cannot possibly overstate how gorgeous the music is, or the animation, and just. Oh gosh. So good. 

Just watch the opening sequence. Because that’s one of the most perfect openings for a Disney movie ever.

Which is a very high bar.

Yes! “Peeaa Sooup!” My brother and I quote it at each other all the time. Also we owned this on VHS when I was a kid, but not The Rescuers, so I actually didn’t learn it was a sequel until I was much older, and I only watched The Rescuers for the first time earlier this year. And then I re-watched The Rescuers Down Under, which I can officially say I think is better.

I love the scene in which Jake reads all the birds’ names from that bird guide? I know them all by heart in Spanish because I watched like a hundred times: pinzón, gorrión, boboloro, carpintero, gala, cucabura, perico, cacatúa, albatros, es un jumbo!!! <333

Now I need to re-watch & learn all of these birds in Spanish!  Just because.

My wife and I always quote the “Pea Soup!” line to each other. We finally got our son to watch the movie with us (he’s 16; I’m not sure why it took us so long) and when that line came up my wife and I were really building it up, shushing him and saying wait, wait, here it comes. And then “Pea soup!” And he just looked at us, like, that? That was it? That’s the  line you’ve been quoting at me literally my entire life?

It was kind of hilarious. But maybe you had to be there.

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