sagansense: Remember Emily Graslie’s video about gender bias…


Remember Emily Graslie’s video about gender bias and sexism in science/STEM fields?


Well, thanks to the awesomeness of social media and her influence in the world o’ science communication/education, that video has made quite a buzz. Read on for an update from The Brain Scooper herself…

“If you haven’t heard from me in the last few days, it’s because I’ve been inundated with interviews and media requests, phone calls and messages, book offers, broadcast television show proposals, TV appearances, tour circuit and lecture series offers. Someone even asked if I would write an endorsement for their children’s nature book. And, don’t get all nutty on me because I haven’t agreed to anything (yet [maybe]).

This has all come as a surprise for a few reasons: one, I had no idea this video would resonate so strongly with not just women, but men, parents, teachers, business people and CEOs and journalists.

Two, I am hugely surprised that everyone is acting as though this is news. My video wasn’t revealing anything ground breaking, previously unspoken, or unknown. The Internet has dealt with its anonymous critics since the beginning, people in the public eye will always be widely scrutinized, and women have had their appearance come before their accomplishments before.

But what I am the most surprised about is that the majority agrees with me on this one: that negative online communities are detrimental, and also that these things can improve and get better for content creators of all kinds. That if enough people speak up in favor of fostering encouraging environments online, it will happen. You see this environment in the comment section of PBS Idea Channel, an educational series known for their delightfully constructive community. You see this in the Nerdfighter community. Why not for other educational channels?

The reception of that video far exceeded any expectations I had, and I take it as an indication that we are all working together towards positive change. Thank you, all of you.”


Interviews Emily was featured in…



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Get the whole scoop from Emily via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. You rock, Emily. Thank you for promoting good science and inspiring present and future scientists everywhere to stay curious.


Awesome. I didn’t realize that video had had such an impact, but I’m happy it has.

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