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The curious thing is how many people there are in the world who are perfectly convinced that he is a living human being. I get letters addressed to him and I get letters asking for his autograph. I get letters addressed to his rather stupid friend, Watson. I’ve even had ladies writing to say that they’d be very glad to act as his housekeeper. One of them, when she heard that he’d turned to the occupation of keeping bees, wrote saying that she was an expert at segregating the queen—whatever that may mean—and that she was evidently predestined to be the housekeeper of Sherlock Holmes.

That awkward moment when Arthur Conan Doyle uses his only known filmed interview to call Watson stupid and talk about obsessed fangirls.

It’s nice to know fandom remains consistent. :D

Funny, too, given my rant about Jenny McCarthy yesterday, to listen to Doyle defend his belief in spiritualism and psychic phenomena.

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