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Want FANGIRL in glorious EPUB format?  Use coupon code Sept50 at Kobo through tonight for 50% off.  With tax, that’s $5.40.  Quite the steal for a book that came out last week.

Plus you’ll get the book in time to participate in the spoiler-y discussion starting tomorrow!

This may be relevant to the interests of some of my followers.

Fangirl did not hit me quite as hard as did Eleanor & Park, but that’s a ridiculously high bar. In another sense, I think I actually found Fangirl more accessible than E&P, because the events it describes are not as far removed from me in time (by which I mean, I’m closer in age to a freshman in college than I am to a junior in high school). But that’s hair-splitting.

If you found, like I did, that E&P was an emotional thrill to read because of the believability of the characterizations and the intense sensation of being transported back to an earlier time in one’s life, then you owe it to yourself to read Fangirl.

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