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Meeting/selfieing with the cast & crew of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries at VidCon 2013 (click on the photos for high-res)

i just get a lot of motherly feels when I look at this photoset.

The thing that gets me is Jessica. Not just because of the I’m-the-bird-and-she’s-the-snake thing. Because she’s not doing that. I mean, she’s just this ordinary, friendly-looking (okay; super pretty) person. And I recognize the face as Caroline’s, more or less, but she’s not Caroline. Because I’m not hypnotized, and she’s not this ultimate personification of evil and beauty and comical foiled plots and LOOK AT ME AND DESPAIR!!

I don’t know how she does that. But she does. Because there it is (or isn’t, in this case).


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