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One of the most astounding mysteries of the world is this ancient tile pattern in Greece, dated to about 1,500 B.C.

It was little more than a curiosity until 2008 when its resemblance to a QR Code was recognized. First photographed in 1871 by the British Antiquities Society, they were known as the “Chinese Box Tiles” owing to the closest thing anyone had seen to the strange pattern. Little was known about the titles except that they were installed along with other beachfront roads on the isle of Igrigoria in ancient times.

In was in 2008 that QR codes became popular enough that a traveler recognized the tiles as bearing an unmistakable resemblance to the computer code which had only been developed 3,500 years after the tiles were first laid. It was another two years before anyone with a QR capable phone traveled to the island to attempt a capture.

The mystery only deepened when the phone was able to recognize the code, which lead to the original Nyan Cat video on youtube.

Fucking Greeks.

Alright, what fucker went back in time?



Or you know, it could be this.

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