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China’s Incredible Colored Rice Terraces

Incredible panoramic views of colored rice terraces in the mountainous Yuanyang region in China, one of the world’s largest rice-producing areas. The colors of the mirrored landscape are constantly changing due to the time of day and seasonal changes. These terraces were built by hand by the Hani people about 1,300 years ago.

The terraces are dug into the steep slopes of the mountains between 1,000 and 2,000 meters above sea level. Rice is planted once a year in April and harvested in September, when the terraces are flooded to prepare them for the next crop. When the terraces are flooded, the water reflects stunning colors from the sunlight.

Despite the breathtaking beauty of its landscape, the Yuanyang region remains untouched by mass tourism. Its remote, mountainous location, bad roads and lack of a nearby airport deter all but the most determined tourists and photographers.

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