Interviewer: When and how did you two meet?

Interviewer: When and how did you two meet?
Jonsi: My band Sigur Rós were touring and we happened to be in Boston. At first I met Alex’s brother, who gave me his CD as he is a music maker also. I was listening to it and it was quite good, not like many CDs we get from our fans [laughs]. After the show I met Alex’s brother again and there was Alex standing beside him. Wow! As soon as I saw him I thought that he was the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. But for some reason I thought he must be straight.
Then I had to get into my bus heading to another city to play. Anyway during six months I stayed in touch with Alex’s brother via emails and when I finally returned again to Boston, I decided to give him a call and meet for a beer somewhere. I called and Alex answered. He came to the hotel where I was staying and we just never went out for that drink. And that was it.
Interviewer: Alex, I can imagine that meeting changed your life completely.
Alex: It really was inspiring, absolutely amazing. We didn’t move in together until two years later. We liked each other very much but at the same time living in different parts of the world. I was a student at the time and he was always touring with Sigur Rós. It wasn’t realistic, but we didn’t care. We kept in contact.
Jonsi: Love conquers all! We traveled a bit between Boston and Reykjavik… quite a lot sometimes.
Alex: Yes, a lot. He came and stayed for one whole month once.
Jonsi: But a long distance relationship is quite hard, so after two years we came to the point of making a decision: either I move to Boston or he comes to Reykjavik.
Alex: I decided to move to Iceland and ever since we have been living together. It could have been a nightmare but as it happens it worked remarkably well. We get along really well. We work together. Make food together…

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