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For those who don’t know, Johina is the daughter of Shaker Aamer, a Saudi Arabian citizen who was living in Britain at the time of his arrest. The evidence for the arrest (that he participated in the Battle of Tora Bora) in question is based on evidence received from questionable sources through torture procedures. The Bush administration even admitted later that their evidence was weak. He never was officially charged for any wrongdoing and never had a trial. He was detained in Guantánamo Bay Prison in 2001 and was cleared for release TWICE in 2007 and 2009 BUT STILL REMAINS IN GITMO. His mental and physical health have been declining over the years he has spent at GITMO, and he is currently participating in a hunger strike with many other prisoners to protest their wrongful detention. He has lost 40% of his body weight because of this. Government, if there was a time where you could actually get your shit together and do something right, now would be the time.

Guantanamo really pisses me off.

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