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No but this is actually a big part of why I ship them so much. They’ve both had to grow up so fast, become leaders when most people their age aren’t even adults yet, And they both have nobody but their closest friends believing that they can actually do anything, until they literally cemement their power in blood and fire.

They both always have to be *so* strong, and stoic, and unflinching whenever anyone is around. “Kill the boy and let the man be born.” “If I look back I am lost.” The words they constantly tell themselves, in their moments of doubt and fear, could be so easily applied to the other.

And I imagine that when they finally meet, they’ll both be there, playing their parts, staring each other dead in the eye, betraying nothing, until one of them (probably Dany) says something, maybe a subtle threat, that’s just slightly off, that sounds a little bit ridiculous in context, or sounds absurd because of the cultural divide. Then the other one just stands there confused for a minute, and starts to look quizzical for a few seconds, then the tense silence is broken by a muffled chuckle slipping past their lips, then as (let’s say it’s Jon laughing, for ease of pronouns) he starts breaking out in laughter despite himself, Dany realises what she said and joins him in laughter, and they just can’t help it, and they’re laughing at themselves, because they both see what nobody else would dare to. That they’re both children, playing at being queens or lords or whatever their roles are, and they’re doing it better than any of the adults ever could.

And that’s when this picture was taken.

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