i’d swim the ocean for you.: To all of the people defending the pace of Welcome to Sanditon:

i’d swim the ocean for you.: To all of the people defending the pace of Welcome to Sanditon::


Yeah, no.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was a one-year, 100-episode series. Episodes 1 through 3 were a combination of exposition and a bit of plot, and episodes 4 and onward were purely plot.

In contrast, you have Welcome to Sanditon, which is supposed to last what, two months? Three? And four…

Speaking only for myself, I think it’s interesting to see them trying out new things like all the RP and integrating fan vids into the story. I’m not obsessing over WTS the way I did over LBD, but that’s unsurprising; P&P was already something I was kind of obsessed with, and following all the twists of how they were updating things is what kept me interested until the story and acting kicked in and I was hooked. WTS doesn’t have that going for it.

I look on WTS as an interesting experiment. I’m just letting it unfold at its own pace (whatever that turns out to be). I hope there will actually be story, rather than just giving us Austen’s setup and using it as a framework for the expanded fan interaction. But even if that’s all it is, and whatever it becomes is more a diffuse exploration by a few hundred RPers than any sort of unified story, I still think that’s a worthwhile thing for them to have tried.

This whole thing is really new, and new is interesting. That these channels exist whereby fans can interact with the story in a real way is something that storytellers are still learning how to use. That some of the things they’re trying don’t work and prompt meta-discussion about how it might be done better is actually pretty cool. That the approach they’re using explicitly exposes levers a motivated fan could use to not only criticize, but go beyond that to actually try to influence the story’s direction in a positive way, is potentially pretty awesome.

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