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Dacry Compilation

In which Lizzie says Darcy’s name… a lot…

Many hours were spent on this video.  Apologies for the occasional glitches with the counters, VideoPad was surprisingly difficult with this aspect of the project.  Glitches aside, the video was quite a beast to make, so I really hope you enjoy it!

This s the most hilarious thing!

This is AMAZING! And the name “Darcy” now sounds like complete gibberish.

I laughed so hard I cried. 

Hey, this should get added into the spreadsheet! How many times did Lizzie say Darcy’s name in each episode! What do you think, lies/John? (Still not sure of Tumblr etiquette. Do I call people by their blog name or real name if the real name is known?) Don’t worry, I am kidding—I’m sure it would be a huge pain to add that info.

Haha. This video really was awesome. I totally loved it. I think adding at least some of the fan vids to the spreadsheet is totally something I can do, and will do, starting with this one.

Adding a column for number of times Lizzie said “Darcy” per episode is probably a bit much for me, but I loved seeing the count tick upwards in this video. Though I thought I noticed an uncounted utterance really early on; in the first or second video, maybe? That would have thrown the whole count off, though, and if I’d made this video I would just as soon not be told if anyone noticed something like that.

People on Tumblr refer to me by URL or name pretty much interchangeably; I guess I slightly prefer the name, but it’s not a strong preference.


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