Truncated transcript from today’s SCOTUS argument


For those of you who don’t want to read the transcript of the oral argument in Hollingsworth v. Perry, which is all of 82 pages long, or whose heads exploded when you tried to read it, I’ve written a helpful summary. It’s available below the jump.

This summary is still fairly long, but it’s shorter and I’ve worked to make things as accessible as possible to those without legal training.

As a result, there are some places where I might have oversimplified the legal argument. My summarizing might be partially colored by my personal viewpoints, but this is basically what happened, plus or minus the aliens eating children.

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This account was very entertaining to read. Unfortunately, that entertainment value comes at the cost of having a Supreme Court comprised of people who would actually say some of the things being satirized. On the whole, I would have much preferred not to have the entertainment, at least if that would have meant also not having a Supreme Court comprised of people who would make such execrable arguments for discrimination.

But I don’t get that wish, so I guess I’ll do my best to enjoy the entertainment.

But the larger situation still sucks. Or will suck, once the ruling is issued. Not for Californians specifically, assuming Prop. 8 is overturned. But for people living in states with discriminatory marriage laws.

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