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Caroline, unrequited.

requested by someone who hates me anonymous (umm this is way bigger and more maudlin that what you asked for; see the Read More)

I wish we could have seen more interaction between Caroline and the characters who drive her actions. I mean, I had to use cast pictures for this because the source material gives me so little to work with, but whatever. I could whine about not enough Caroline for a really long time, and no one wants to see that. This isn’t her story anyway.

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Caroline Lee spinoff series.

Freed from Austen, freed from carrying the “pretty little wilderness” scene, freed from the conventionality of a jealous-of-Darcy motivation, she could actually live as a character.

I can’t stop wondering about Caroline x Lizzie. It was there beneath the surface in every scene they did together. Every time Lizzie looked away and Caroline looked at her, it was there. And as Ren discussed here, there was an honesty when Caroline talked about her family. Something other than her usual misdirection was going on in those moments.

There was a lot more to her character than we ever saw on-screen. And in a way it’s kind of a gift that so few of her details were filled in, because now we can fill them in right. Not via fanfic, but via an actual spinoff YouTube series of her own.

There is a version of the future in which the quantum superpositions resolve in favor of this becoming an actual thing. I hope I get to live in that future. Because it’s going to be an awesome one.

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