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Okay but hands down, costume!since-fetuses-bestie is like the best.

This was so much fun :)

I tried, but couldn’t come up with a good way to explain the “CHARLOTTE COSTUME” book/sign as an actual Charlotte reference. (Though maybe there is an actual Charlotte-ism there that I’m not thinking of?) So I chose to interpret it as just: Lizzie in-universe/the LBD creators out-of-universe saying to the audience, “Okay, look. We tried to figure something out. We really did. But the knit cap and pigtails just don’t say ‘Charlotte’ clearly enough for about 30,000 of you not to be all ‘huh? wtf?’ So we just made it explicit. In 36-point type. And ALL CAPS. It’s Charlotte. Okay? IT’S CHARLOTTE. Jeez.”

Which, yeah, I really liked. Finding out the cap was made by the same fan who made Mr. Bearcy made it even better.

I’d hoped Charlotte was going to be in this video. But it made me happy to have one last episode that was just Lizzie talking to herself, doing the costume-theater equivalent of speed dating.

Because really, that’s the show right there. There have been lots of other noteworthy things about LBD: laughs, heartbreaks, inspired (or infuriating, depending on your point of view) adaptation choices. But at its core, the show’s superpower, the thing that made it special, at least for me, was Ashley’s performance, especially when she did costume theater. Because I mean, seriously; just look.

My current guess is we’ve got two Darcy episodes coming, and then a denouement that tidies up loose ends, and then one final big goodbye. Hopefully there will be a chance to see Charlotte herself somewhere in there. For that matter, I hope we get a chance to see and say goodbye to Ricky and Maria and Mary and Gigi and Fitz. (And Kitty!) And costume-theater goodbyes to mom and dad. And I know Jane’s 3,000 miles away, but dammit, Darcy, don’t you own a private jet? Fly her and Bing back as a surprise for the woman you love, dude.

Ooh! Lizzie birthday surprise party! Yessss!

Or not. But wouldn’t it be cool to have one last original-four-cast-members pig pile?

In the meantime, I really liked this episode.

Four to go.

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